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A “things network accelerator” in Ghana’s capital.

Our goal is to provide a cluster of community-driven low powered wide area networks in Ghana, a range of proof of concept projects to showcase technology and a training program for local entrepreneurs to drive innovation.


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About AccraWAN

AccraWAN started as an urge to solve a major problem local developers face with scaling their IoT solutions: Connectivity. For every device that gets deployed, local developers have to struggle to provide network connectivity to their devices, which translates as an exponential increase in production cost. AccraWAN solves this issue in the following ways:


Building a network of community-driven low power LoRa WANs beginning from Accra and spreading out towards other parts of the country.


Building demo projects and making them public and open sources; readily accessible to the general public free of charge. 


Leveraging the knowledge and credibility of industry experts and communities to assist businesses and individuals with their proprietary IOT solutions for LoRa.

Our Projects


Monitoring urban air quality and promoting health by using low-cost sensors to provide Air Quality data for Ghana, while assisting policymakers and activists in the fight against Air Pollution. Learn more…

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